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Learn what could be driving up your life insurance rates.

Shopping around for life insurance gives you a great idea of the rates you'll receive and what is important to you in a policy. It's also a great way to see if one or more negative factors may be affecting the rate you're being quoted.

Regardless of the company, potential life insurance policyholders are generally asked very similar questions about health and lifestyle habits. In receiving your quote, there are several factors that affect the life insurance premiums you're offered - factors that included specific behaviors and activities that are consider dangerous. It shouldn't be surprising that life insurance for high risk people is generally more expensive. If you think your health or lifestyle might be driving up your rates, review the list below to see if you can make any changes that would improve your future premiums.

Are you healthy?

During your life insurance application process and in your medical exam, your physical health, including your blood pressure, height, weight, cholesterol levels and more, is analyzed. If any one of the factors is considered outside of normal range, your risk level could increase which could cause your premiums to rise. It shouldn't come as a shock that the use of cigarettes and e-cigs can increase your premiums significantly. Read more about how to improve your health little by little and see how it can affect your life insurance rates.

Do you have a good driving record?

If you don't have a clean driving record, it could cause your rates to increase. Any DUIs or traffic accidents could put you at greater risk of death and may be considered a factor that affects your life insurance premiums. In some cases, your policy application could be declined. If this happens, there's no need to stress - there are several other types of life insurance that could be a better fit for your situation.

Are you going on vacation soon?

A family cruise or road trip through California probably won't create a red flag, but we still need to know about your vacation plans. The reason for that? If you travel to dangerous areas like war zones or regions where the chance of contracting a deadly illness is high, some insurers might consider you at a higher risk of death and increase the rate you would pay for life insurance. Similar to a poor driving record, in some cases, this could cause your application to be declined. It's a great idea in these cases to talk with your agent to figure out what type of life insurance could better fit your current situation and needs.

How old are you?

While there isn't much you can do about it, your age can be a major factor that affects your life insurance premiums. As you age, your risk of dying increases and your life insurance premium may rise as well. You may want to consider buying life insurance early in your adult life, even if you don't yet have major financial responsibilities or dependents. Preparing for your future at an early age could help save you money down the line.

What do you do for fun?

If you're in the habit of jumping out of planes, scuba diving or swimming with sharks, then there is a good chance you'll be considered a high risk for life insurance. Regardless of your current health, insurers see these types of activities as dangerous and thus more difficult to insure.

These five things are just a few of the factors that can affect life insurance premiums. Even if you fit into any one of these categories, life insurance is still within your reach. To understand your needs and situation better, try our free life insurance calculator or request an online quote today.

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