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Understanding Life Insurance

Life insurance for both spouses helps protect home and home life

Affordable Life Insurance For Almost Any Budget

The cost of life insurance might be lower than you think. Find affordable life insurance options for almost any budget.

October 2016

Helping a grieving loved one

How to Help Someone Who is Grieving

Offering to grocery shop can be a huge help to a grieving loved one. See other ideas for how to help your friends and family through the difficulty of loss.

January 2017

Mom feels comfort knowing she has a secondary beneficiary

7 Ways to Prevent Accidents at Home

Did you remember each of these 7 home safety tips? Read more to help protect your family.

December 2016

Do I Need Life Insurance

Life Insurance for Parents

Every parent wants to protect his or her child. Learn how life insurance for parents can help you do just that.

October 2016

Mom feels comfort knowing she has a secondary beneficiary

Why Choosing A Secondary Life Insurance Beneficiary Can Be Important

A secondary beneficiary can give you additional peace of mind at no additional cost. We explain how.

December 2016

What is Cash Value Life Insurance?

What is life insurance with cash value? Our guide explains what you need to know before you buy a policy.

December 2016

Dad considers difference between term life and whole life

Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

The length of the policy is just one way that term and whole life insurance differ. Get the full list here. 

November 2017

Life Insurance Claims Process: How to Receive a Life Insurance Payout

Understanding the life insurance claims process can be incredibly important to receiving a life insurance payout quickly.

December 2016

4 Ways to Improve Your Health Little by Little

Improving your health doesn't mean you have to overhaul your entire lifestyle. Try one of these 4 tips to begin your journey.

December 2016

Young woman asks are life insurance proceeds taxable

Is Life Insurance Taxable?

Is life insurance taxed? It turns out the answer isn't just a simple yes or no. Learn what you may or may not need to report to Uncle Sam. 

January 2017

Couple discusses benefits of accidental death life insurance

What Is Accidental Death Life Insurance?

Accidental Death Life Insurance is a different way to help protect your family's financial future. Learn the ins, outs and why it might be a useful policy for your family.

January 2017

Young people discuss life insurance and age

How Does Age Affect Life Insurance?

If age is a major factor in determining how much you'll pay for life insurance, when exactly should you buy it? 

November 2016

How to choose a life insurance beneficiary is a snap with a little help

How to Choose a Life Insurance Beneficiary

Choosing who will receive your life insurance payout is an important step in purchasing a policy, and it isn't as simple as you might think. 

January 2017

4 Uses for Life Insurance You Haven’t Considered

You may know that buying life insurance may be part of being responsible and helping to protect your family from financial instability, but do you know how your life insurance policy could be used? 

October 2016

Life insurance for people with health problems can be within reach

Life Insurance with Pre-Existing Conditions

Many Americans believe that simply the presence of a health condition can keep them from getting life insurance, but the truth is that you don't necessarily have to be the picture of health in order to qualify for a life insurance policy.

January 2017

Bungee jumping and your life insurance rates

5 Factors That Affect Your Life Insurance Premiums

Shopping around for life insurance gives you a great idea of the rates you'll receive and what is important to you in a policy.

September 2016

5 Questions to Ask Before You Buy Life Insurance

After you decide to take the plunge and buy life insurance, it's likely that an onslaught of questions will follow: How much life insurance do I need? How much can I afford? Who really needs life insurance?

October 2016

6 Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Life insurance, much like quantum physics and ancient literature, isn't a topic well understood by many. In fact, in a LIMRA study that tested Americans' knowledge of life insurance, 70% of people failed. While it's true that quantum physics may not affect your everyday, life insurance can have an important and immediate effect on our financial well-being and that of the people who matter most to us. 

September 2016

How Long Do I Need Term Life Insurance?

The world of life insurance is incredibly dynamic, but with so many options and decisions, the silver lining is that you can find a policy that fits your present and future needs.

October 2016

Converting term life insurance may be a smart decision

5 Reasons to Consider Converting Your Term Life Insurance to a Permanent Policy

Permanent life insurance can help provide the lifelong security that you now want, and if you have a convertible policy, it can be significantly easier to make the switch.

October 2016

Couple conducts a life insurance policy review together

Life Insurance Policy Review: When, How & What to Look for

After buying your life insurance policy, you may be tempted to 'set it and forget it', leaving the policy untouched for years. Reviewing your life insurance, though, is crucial to help ensure that life's many changes haven't left you and your family with a gap in the amount of coverage you need. 

October 2016

The Dollars & Sense of Buying Life Insurance When You’re Young

Young people are tying the knot later in life, but that doesn't mean that buying life insurance should be put off too. 

October 2016

Term life insurance coverage illustrated by sisters

What’s The Right Amount of Life Insurance? How to Calculate Your Needs

Coverage amounts can vary widely between individuals, but there are common threads in how we calculate and decide upon what is the right amount of life insurance. If you think you're ready to take the plunge, but want to do a little more research first, take a look at these tips for how to choose a coverage amount. 

September 2016

First grandchild spending time with grandpa

How to Prepare for the Life Insurance Medical Exam

While there is a lot riding on the life insurance medical exam, it's important to know what we are looking for and how you can improve your results, even if you only have a couple days or a few weeks before your test. 

October 2016

Life insurance for your loved ones means that mom is covered.

Show Mom How Much You Value Her: Buying Life Insurance for Mother's Day

Breakfast in bed and flowers are great ways to say I love you, but a life insurance policy says I love you and I want you to be financially secure. That's true romance. 

December 2016

3 Personal Finance Essentials Young People Need to Know

When you're a young adult, you generally have to learn to cook, clean, do laundry, manage your finances - all the while focusing on your career and relationships. Eventually though, you'll likely figure it out, get married, buy a house, have kids and become the accomplished adult you knew you could be. If you're somewhere between young adult and seasoned parent, you're probably itching for tips on how to make the transition a bit easier.

October 2016

What Questions Do Life Insurance Companies Ask & How to Prepare

Applying for life insurance is an important step, but with all the questions during the application process, it can start to feel a bit intrusive as well. You might expect to be asked a few simple questions about income and health, but it's unlikely that you'll expect the deluge of questions about your hobbies, lifestyle and net worth.

September 2016

What You Don’t Know About Employer-Paid Life Insurance

For many employees, the benefits provided by their employer can be nearly as important as their wages. Aside from vacation and sick time, many full-time employees are also able to take advantage of a 401(k) match or pension, health, dental and vision care, and maybe even a few employee discount opportunities. Another common benefit employees may partake in is employer-paid life insurance.  

September 2016

Life insurance for both spouses helps protect home and life

Do Both Spouses Need Life Insurance? The Short Answer is Likely Yes.

Many of us feel that neither ours nor our spouse's duties are dispensable or easily replicated - that's why it's called partnership. Despite that fact, on average, life insurance for stay at home spouses is rare. Generally, stay at home moms and dads will rely simply on their spouse's group or individual life insurance policy.

October 2016

First grandchild spending time with grandpa

Buying Life Insurance for Grandchildren

Having grandchildren for the first time is a thrilling time. You get to spoil and fawn over a new baby, but still sleep through the night. As any good Grandma or Grandpa knows, though, being a parent and a grandparent isn't just candy, toys and cooing. Here's some helpful advice for first timers to help you (and your kids) be financially smart and prepare for your financial future and that of your first grandchild.

October 2016

Home buying is a common reason to buy life insurance

When to Get Life Insurance? 5 Signs You’re Ready

There is not a specific age to buy life insurance.  The truth of the matter is that everyone's situation is different when it comes to a need to protect their loved ones.  There are, however, a few important milestones in your life that could be an indicator that you need to start considering some sort of coverage to protect your loved ones should you die prematurely.

October 2016

Life Insurance for the Unemployed

Life insurance may not be your first thought after you lose your job, but, for anyone with family and assets to protect, its importance shouldn't be underestimated. If you've relied solely on your employer's group life insurance up to this point, then it may be critical for you to find a new policy to ensure there isn't a long lapse in coverage.

October 2016

Homeowners planning for life insurance

New Homeowners: Add Life Insurance to Your List of DIY Projects

If you've recently taken the leap and bought your own home, you likely have a long list of to-dos. And you aren't alone. An Experian study estimates that new homeowners will buy "more products and services in the first six months after moving than an established resident spends in two years." With all of the responsibility that comes with homeownership, it's no wonder that many families turn to DIY projects as a way to lighten the financial load. 

October 2016

Couple makes financial resolutions in the New Year

A Financial Checklist for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions

Have you made personal finance part of your New Year's resolutions? Take a look at our checklist to help you get your money in order in 2018.

January 2018

Couple finds life insurance in the New Year

New Year's Resolutions for Every Personal Finance Guru

What personal finance resolutions are you making in 2017? We have a few suggestions.

October 2016