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Managing Your Policy

Receiving a life insurance payout can be comforting in difficult times

Life Insurance Claims Process: How to Receive a Life Insurance Payout

Understanding the life insurance claims process can be incredibly important to receiving a life insurance payout quickly.

December 2016

How to Help Someone Who is Grieving

Offering to grocery shop can be a huge help to a grieving loved one. See other ideas for how to help your friends and family through the difficulty of loss.

January 2017

Mom feels comfort knowing she has a secondary beneficiary

Why Choosing A Secondary Life Insurance Beneficiary Can Be Important

A secondary beneficiary can give you additional peace of mind at no additional cost. We explain how.

December 2016

Young woman asks are life insurance proceeds taxable

Is Life Insurance Taxable?

Is life insurance taxed? It turns out the answer isn't just a simple yes or no. Learn what you may or may not need to report to Uncle Sam. 

January 2017

Converting term life insurance may be a smart decision

5 Reasons to Consider Converting Your Term Life Insurance to a Permanent Policy

Permanent life insurance can help provide the lifelong security that you now want, and if you have a convertible policy, it can be significantly easier to make the switch.

October 2016

Couple conducts a life insurance policy review together

Life Insurance Policy Review: When, How & What to Look for

After buying your life insurance policy, you may be tempted to 'set it and forget it', leaving the policy untouched for years. Reviewing your life insurance, though, is crucial to help ensure that life's many changes haven't left you and your family with a gap in the amount of coverage you need. 

October 2016