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Term Life Insurance Videos

To help you learn more about your term life insurance options, we've provided the following educational videos to help explain Term Life Insurance. And of course, if ever you have questions about your term life insurance options, feel free to contact one of AIG Direct's helpful, professional, and fully licensed agents directly to request a quote for affordable term life insurance. We're here to help!

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John Deremo, Executive Vice President and Chief Distribution Officer, Life Insurance, AIG Financial Distributors

Why do I need life insurance?

Whenever someone you love depends on you financially, they would most likely be financially devastated if you died. Most often the loved ones that depend on you financially are your spouse and / or your children. You can also click here to learn more.

What kind of life insurance should I own?

Many people find the different types of life insurance a little bit difficult to understand. It’s really pretty easy if you break it down - watch this video to learn more.

How much life insurance do I need

You're ready to buy term life insurance. But how much? And for how long? Even the best term life insurance falls short if you don't have enough. Then again, overdoing it buying term life insurance policy doesn't make great sense either, especially if you're watching your budget.

Is one policy better than multiple policies?

Many people realize that their need for financial support of their family tends to reduce over time. Mortgages get paid-down or paid-off. Children grow up and graduate. As you approach retirement, you have less and less income to replace in the event of your death.


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