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Life Insurance Tools

Life Insurance Tools and Resources to Help You Find the Right Life Insurance Coverage

At AIG Direct, we want you, our valued customer, to have all the resources you need in order to make informed decisions about your current and future term life insurance needs. Buying term life insurance is a big decision and we want you to have answers to all your questions before you buy so you can make the best choice for your family.

Compare Product Options

Which Life Insurance Product Makes Sense for You? With so many life insurance choices - choosing the right one for your needs and budget can seem daunting.

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Match Your Situation

Why Should I Get Term Life Insurance & What's Best For Me? Keep reading to learn why you should get term life insurance and what coverage is best for you.

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Life Insurance Shopping Tips

Find out how to save money and still get the best life insurance coverage from our Life Insurance Shopping Tips.

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Term Life Insurance Calculator

How Much Life Insurance Do I Need? Let's figure out how much life insurance you may need.

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