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Universal Life Insurance

Generally speaking, universal life insurance is considered an affordable way to secure a lifetime of coverage. Your account value earns interest and the policy can be highly flexible. Once you are insured, you can usually change the coverage amount and the payment. This feature can be particularly appealing to young people starting out or people with changing needs.

Summary of Universal Life Insurance:

  • Choose a Premium to Fit Your Needs. You can pay a lower or higher premium to fit your budget
  • Flexible Death Benefit. You can increase or decrease your death benefit amount to meet your needs
  • Cash Value Increases. Your policy earns interest, so it accumulates value over the years
  • Tax-Free Benefits. Generally speaking, your loved ones won't pay income taxes on the proceeds they receive

Premium to Fit Your Needs

Flexible Death Benefit

Cash Value Increases

Tax-Free Benefits

Universal Life Insurance Reviews

Reviews from Customers Who Purchased Universal Life Insurance through AIG Direct

Great Insurance
AIG is a great insurance company. I never had an issue with my agent and she was always able to answer any of the questions I had. AIG kept me informed at all times on my application while it was in process and everyone I spoke to was extremely polite and had great customer service.
Motivation: Protect Loved Ones Financially
Great Customer Service
It was great and easy to do business with AIG. I have had them for years and then renewed my policy and was all done on the phone with great customer service.
Motivation: Protect Loved Ones Financially
Satisfied Customer
My insurance agent was very easy to work with and was very informative and patient with explaining details of the different insurance types and which options was best suited for my needs and wants. It was impartant to me to work with someone who was easy to ask questions to, patience and informative. I am a happy customer with both a term and whole life insurance and peace of mind! I highly recommend AIG.
Motivation: Protect Loved Ones Financially