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4.7 out of 5 Stars

4.7 out of 5 Stars

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In addition to term life insurance, we also offer life insurance that can cover you for life. It's called Universal Life insurance and it provides both flexibility and financial advantages. People who start out with a term life insurance policy sometimes upgrade it to universal life insurance because of the advantages.

What makes Universal Life insurance such a good choice?

Generally speaking, universal life insurance is considered an affordable way to secure a lifetime of coverage. Your account value earns interest and such a policy can be highly flexible.

Once you are insured, you may have the ability to reduce your coverage and, subject to underwriting by the issuing company, may be able to increase your coverage. This feature can be particularly appealing to young people starting out or people with changing needs. Universal life coverage also affords you the ability to adjust the amount of your premium. The amount and timing of premium payments under a universal life policy can directly affect how long the coverage may continue.

Our licensed life insurance agents can answer any questions you may have, at no cost or obligation.

Flexible payments and coverage - plus financial rewards!

Universal Life insurance offers flexible, budget-friendly and financially rewarding benefits.

  • Choose a Premium to Suit Your Needs. You can choose to pay a lower or higher premium to suit your budget.
  • Flexible Death Benefit: You can increase or decrease your death benefit amount to fit your changing needs.
  • Cash Value Increases. Your universal life insurance policy earns interest, so it accumulates value over the years. And, the federal income taxes are deferred, so you aren't paying them annually.1
  • Tax-Free Benefits for Loved Ones. Generally speaking, your loved ones won't pay income taxes on the life insurance proceeds they receive.

The universal life insurance plans we offer have been designed to help meet the life insurance needs and financial goals of many clients - including individuals whose focus is on death benefit protection for estate planning, retirement, and asset preservation purposes.

To learn more about universal life insurance, please call 1-800-586-3072 to speak to one of our licensed life insurance agents. We can provide you with easy to understand information to help you decide if this policy is right for you.

1Based on current federal income tax laws. Please consult a qualified tax advisor with questions.

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* Issuance of permanent life insurance subject to the underwriting requirements of the issuing insurance company. Individual issuance experience may vary.

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