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Do both spouses need life insurance? Read why we think life insurance for a both spouses can be critical.

In a partnership, duties are often relegated to a specific person. You'll do the cooking as long as they do the dishes. They'll drive the kids to school if you'll pick them up after. You'll go to work while they manage the house. None of these are great revelations; likely they are part of you and your spouse's life routine. And if we asked you whose half of the work was more important, you'd probably respond that both are equally crucial.

Many of us feel that neither ours nor our spouse's duties are dispensable or easily replicated - that's why it's called partnership. Despite that fact, on average, life insurance for stay at home spouses is rare. Generally, stay at home moms and dads will rely simply on their spouse's group or individual life insurance policy.

Do Both Spouses Need Life Insurance?

Perhaps the reason for this is that the conversation around buying life insurance generally centers on assets and net worth. Insurance agents want to know how much money you make, what your investments look like and what assets you have. These questions, though critical to the process, don't capture the full picture.

Let's reframe life insurance to include value, not just money.

Stay at home spouses provide a value to the household that can barely be quantified (even though some have tried). However, since the work these spouses do to keep households running isn't defined by a number, but rather a feeling, it's often left out of the life insurance conversation. Insurers, and thus policyholders, think in terms of replacing the money we'd lose not the quality of life we'd be left without. Here are a few reasons we think both spouses need life insurance, regardless of whether one stays at home or both work.

You manage the household.

For stay-at-home moms or spouses, you should consider the value of all that you do in the home. Childcare costs, housekeeping fees and other expenses should be taken into consideration when deciding whether you should buy life insurance for yourself and how much coverage you would need. It's important to remember that just because you aren't earning a salary doesn't mean you don't still provide a quantifiable monetary value to the family.

You support the household and work a job.

In addition to the income they bringing in through your job, both spouses also likely provide additional tangible benefits to the family through the work they do in the home. Even if you only provide a secondary income, consider what household duties would go un-managed, or be difficult for your spouse to maintain, if something were to happen to you. If you're relying on both your salaries and the work you do around the house to make ends meet each month, then a disruption to either of your salaries would likely cause your family financial strife. Have the conversation with your spouse about how life insurance could help protect both of you.

Whether you're considering life insurance for a stay at home spouse or buying a policy for both partners, you can get started with our free life insurance calculator tool or by requesting a free quote online today.

Help protect your family with Life Insurance!

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