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At AIG Direct, we're thankful all year long that we get to play a part in your family's financial security, but during this time of the year we're particularly thankful for the industry we've been a part of for decades.

Here are a few, more specific reasons why we're thankful this year:

  1. We're thankful to have had the opportunity to help more than 220,000 people find life insurance coverage through AIG Direct.

  2. We're thankful to be a part of AIG, whose member life insurers have collectively paid out over $38 billion in claims and benefits to customers and businesses over the past five years.

  3. We're thankful to have spent more than 20 years helping others protect what matters most to them.

  4. We're thankful for our employees, who love what they do and come to work every day ready to make a difference in someone's life.

  5. Most of all, we're thankful for you, our clients, who want to protect your family and know that life insurance can be an important part of that equation.



Help protect your family with Life Insurance!

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